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Lekker Training is specially designed for anyone and everyone who lacks the necessary kitchen skills to cook good, healthy, and hearty food. We are fully licensed and certified by MOH.

We understand that cooking courses can sometimes be daunting; limited by choice and budget constraints. With our wide variety of affordable courses and a team of highly qualified chefs, we have set up a fun but safe learning environment that will develop your skills to love cooking!

We have half-day, full-day, 3-day, and 5-day courses for adults, house, and camp staff; our new kitchen training space is ideal for learning. With ample cooking booths and a demonstration area – all fully equipped. We have a strong emphasis on good, healthy, hearty food. Locally sourced where possible; using the best quality ingredients available. We love what we do.

COURSE BASICS: During each course we will cover some fundamentals for good general kitchen practices, including:

  • Kitchen Hygiene – food safety & storage
  • Basic Nutrition – how to read labels & recipes
  • Waste – how to re-use leftovers, reduce waste, cut costs & portion control
  • Food presentation & garnishes

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