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Catering Menus

Catering menus image

Lekker offers a wide variety of menus to suit your needs.

We specialise in high end catering ensuring our food is of the highest quality with the utmost attention to detail, hygiene and safety across our large array of options.

We can help make the perfect event; canapes, sit down dinners, BBQs, kids party food, buffets, corporate lunch meetings, conferences or private dinner parties…

We are passionate and totally hands on when creating menus for events. Our kitchen is always evolving with the demand for new ideas & the varied experience of our chefs enriches the quality of the food and menus.

We concentrate on carefully sourcing our ingredients locally, meticulous preparation and a rigorous pursuit of balance in flavours ensures we deliver only the best.

Choose whether you want to have pre-prepared food or food cooked on site. We bring everything needed for the menu chosen.

Canape Menu Image

Canapé Menu

With over 60 different bitings, canapés and hors d’oeuvres to choose from, this is our most popular menu for networking events, all day functions, private parties, corporate gatherings, launches and activations.

Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free options as well as meat, poultry, seafood and mini desserts

Minimum spend 1,800ksh per person

Minimum guest count 20 pax

Dinner Party Menu Image

Dinner Party Menu

Small, intimate dinners prepared and served in the comfort of your home. Meticulous and beautiful dishes masterfully executed. Choose from Plated or Family style service

Minimum 8pax

Wedding Menu Image

Wedding Menu

Our Wedding Menu has been compiled from past experiences. You can choose from a variety of options to suit your needs & budget from post ceremony canapés to late night snacks

Similar to the Dinner Party Menu this also gives you an option on sundowner canapés to serve whilst guests are mingling and photos are being taken.

Business Lunch Menu

Business Lunch Menu

Perfect for corporate lunches, meetings and other office gatherings this menu is served cold – so there are no lingering smells in the board room

Includes service staff (for minimum 30pax) and service ware

Minimum 10pax

Conference Menu Image

Conference Menu

Hosting a board meeting and want to impress your Directors? This menu is a cold menu and is designed to just unwrap & serve.

Perfect for all day meetings, team-building and conferences this menu has three tier budgets with snacks and lunch options

Minimum 10pax

Brunch Menu Image

Breakfast & Brunch Menu

Breakfast and brunch platters and dishes. Pastries, fruit, artisan bread, butties, salads, quiches, sandwiches and cooked breakfast

Includes service ware and service staff

Party Menu Image

Party Menu

This is designed to take the pressure off kids & adults parties alike; making entertaining a casual & intimate approach when ‘the caterers’ are not required.

Choose from – bitings or canapés, platters, shawarma & desserts. Some are ready for you to just serve and some require a little assembly or cooking.

DIY BBQ Menu Image


Ready to grill meat and vegetarian dishes, sides, bitings and desserts.

We deliver prepared dishes (some par-cooked) so you can just light up the BBQ and enjoy the grilling.

There’s also an option if you prefer the assistance of Grill Chef and Charcoal BBQ!

Minimum 5 pax

High Tea Menu Image

High Tea Menu

A menu designed to be delivered for you to finish & serve to the guests.

Delicious canapés, Sandwiches, Salads beautifully created.

Juice stations, Champagne Walls, Gin Bars…

Delivered on returnable platters – includes transport for the food ordered, min 10,000 per order; within Nairobi.

Buffet Menu

Bitings, starters, main course and dessert buffet options. 

Includes service ware and service staff

Buffet Menu (large)

Bitings, starters, main course and dessert buffet options. 

Includes service ware and service staff, minimum 15 pax

Packed Lunch Menu

Going on Safari or just want a quick lunch at your desk? Our packed lunch menu is very pocket friendly and has different options to suit your budget